Client Openings

Grow Your Internet Business, Keep Doubling Your Sales

I have room for one new SEO client looking to double internet sales, and then double them again for a start.The client I seek is serious, pays on time ($500 – $2000 a week [depending upon the size and complexity of your site/niche] with incentives each time sales double), wants to succeed on the web and knows enough to not interfere with a paid expert professional consultant in the details. The client I seek does not fear success and is not into drama, or into ignoring my warnings and destroying my work only to plunge sales down to rock bottom and expect me to exert herculean efforts to pull it back out of a nosedive over and over again. No thanks if you’re reading this and are that kind of client don’t contact me. If this happens I will drop you as a client immediately because remaining at a standstill is not in my professional best interest. I’m using your success to grow my reputation, which in my book equals “win, win”.If you want to succeed and make a bigger name for yourself and more money then contact me so we can talk and see if your type of site and my areas of expertise (and those areas of the pool of talent I call upon) are confident we can generate the gains mentioned above.Search Engine Optimization is a process with the mechanical work up front (site architecture rebuilding, server side technical file & services adjustments, extensive site and competition auditing and analysis, content generation, etc.) Much of the previous are not in and of themselves going to generate immediate income but they are required to get your “machine” into good order to ready it to compete, and may take a few months or more to complete (depending upon the size and complexity of a site and how many people are working on the back end – but so far I still prefer to do this work myself so that it gets done right). Be aware that the standard rate for expert level SEO is $125 per hour and not $500 per week, and that I won’t be working 40 hours per week on your site or even 35, particularly after things get rolling.I may or may not work up to 60 or even 80 hours on your site some weeks when I am pushing for some particular result. Other times I will work less, particularly when I’m involved in active monitoring and analytics. Other fees will be involved where services such as writing copy is required or specific analytics tools will be necessary. These are extra, but not usually amounting to more than (on average throughout an entire year) $100 – $200 per month – more if extended writing is required which will speed things up. Additionally link building campaigns are no longer cheap “get a thousand links for $100” from firms in India – so look at this as a serious commitment to building your business over time and re-investing your gains for a year or two to exponentially improve sales transactions, lead generation and conversions. If you have any kind of a staff with marketing skills, graphics skills, product or industry area expertise and writing skills so much the better – particularly if they have time in the office to spare a few hours a week when and if needed to produce or accuracy check content for the web.

Be aware that sales aren’t passive and that the kind of gains I’m describing require willingness and commitment to develop and practice best marketing strategies, techniques and tactics and include some degree of focused social engagement (aka Web 2.0), affiliate marketing, public relations (aka online reputation management = image), branding etc.

BEST cost/benefits analysis is if you manufacturer your own product, not as good if you’re selling T-Shirts online against massive competition. SEO costs to sell inexpensive readily available anywhere products online would be prohibitively high.

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